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The primary reason for the creation of this website: to give visitors a "behind-the-scenes" glimpse that few get to see, in a world that has all but vanished. The interactive tours on this website give you a look at things from the "worker bee" perspective, instead of the polished and glossed over "official" websites on the subject that censor much of the shortcomings, difficulties, and flavor of what life in the ICBM world is really like.

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DISCLAIMER: The purpose of the 'virtual tours' on this website is to give visitors a general feel for the job our nation's Missileers face from a "wrench turner's" viewpoint, as opposed to the 'spit and polish' view of the Launch Officer's world that is usually portrayed in "official" websites and media releases. This gives outsiders a glimpse of the lighter side of a very serious business, and shows that the custodians of our nation's most powerful weapon systems are human beings, just like you, but manage to do a fantastic job, with little support, anyway.

Please note that the tour descriptions on this site are of systems that were in place at Grand Forks AFB and Vandenberg AFB during the 80's & 90's. Many things do not apply to other bases or are now out of date and purposely kept that way to avoid compromises in security.